Mr Bagga Is India's first Internet Business Coach & Asia's Best Sales & Marketing Coach in the Year 2023-24
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Both Online Promotion house Web Designing House happens to be his brainchild. As a visionary and the proud founder of OPH and WDH, he is doing his bit to bring a phenomenal transformation in the world of New Digital Technology. He is also the owner of his unique YouTube channel which you can find at

Profound experience in organizing and creating technically skilled people

Through his sessions, he intends to bring up life-changing education to the forefront and assist career aspirants to ace up their sleeves in their respective fields. Today his thoughts on entrepreneurial spirits, development of leadership traits, and business strategies win eyeballs with an instant effect.


Vision And Mission Statement

He has firm faith in the power of the internet and digital media. He believes that people can add a strong verve to their business enterprises provided they make full use of the internet and digital assets for quick and stunning business growth. To give a strong shape to his enigmatic and aspiring vision, he is planning to compile his observations in the form of a book that will be more like a treasure house for the present-day business fraternities and young talent pools in various challenging domains of the corporate world. Let us perceive a crystal-clear view of the magnificent growth path that he has cherished in the deepest core of his heart.

  • The ultimate objective that he nurtures is about making India a Strong economy irrespective of the social and administrative challenges.
  • Devise effectual business models empowered by the essential traits of digital marketing tactics. The ultimate goal is to make all Business Digital. That's how he proposes to accomplish his glorious vision of Digital India.
  • He wants to keep a close tab on the digital marketing tactics and digitally empowered business models. The visionary man plans to epitomize effective digital marketing plans that work for every Indian business enterprise. Essentially, he believes that all Indian businesses should have the leverage of the best business tactics.
  • Through his motivational speeches and sales training sessions, he wants to create the Best Sales teams for business houses that deliver big results.
  • Presently, he is working on his ambitious plans of morphing the way of thinking of Indian businessmen and upcoming Indian talents through his YouTube channel.

He is indeed working hard to materialize the dream of Digital India. While paying visits to small- scale and big business houses situated in India, he intends to disseminate a strong vibe about the capabilities of Indian talent pools. He believes that Indian companies are in no way inferior compared to the companies of the US and China. He inspires Indian youth to be ready to implement new things and work in full energy mode. Thus, he motivates Indian companies with opportune Sales and business planning so that they can churn out guaranteed sales growth and compete in the international markets.

Value Proposition As a Career Coach

While wearing the cap of an enriched and visionary career coach, Mr. Sparsh Bagga is focused on creating the best value propositions for the business entities of his clients. He discusses important aspects of his sessions. The main objective is to help his clients find out the measures using which they can generate immense quantities of leads and later on turn those leads into long-term clients for their respective business entities. There are different layers and areas of his sessions. Mostly, these sessions will comply with the following:

  • Branding services and allied aspects
  • Digital Marketing tactics
  • Reputation Management solutions
  • Business Growth measures and key metrics
  • Lead Generation tactics
  • Internet awareness program

With his passionate endeavors and thoughtful entrepreneurial decisions, Mr. Sparsh Bagga is doing his relentless functionalities to create a proper growth mindset in Indian youth. By means of his insightful sessions, he intends to create top-level performers who will live the dream of digital India and leave their footprint in every crucial segment of digital business on a global scale. So far, he has created so many successful as well as illuminated growth mindsets. He has a significant level of success in creating the most ideal Candidates for Sales and in other processes. He truly surmises his responsibility of shaping up the right mindsets for the right kinds of outcomes.