Sales is My Love & Passion

Sparsh Bagga is known to love sales very much. Within a span of 1.5 years, after working in backend for some time, Sparsh Bagga moves towards the field of sales and marketing as a sales executive. That’s how he started his career in this field. Right after a small span of 2 months, he got promoted as a leader mainly because of his good performance. It took his 2 to 3 months to understand how to improve the sales value of a business and he knew he was meant for the sales line. It is because he loves taking challenges and loves meeting new people all the time. During his job life, Sparsh Bagga excelled in every aspect of it. He knew how to work with different kinds of people smoothly. He took extra care and took a business in zero process to a good and improved level. It is all because of its leadership skills and understanding business skills to the core.

Working in different aspects helped him to sharpen his business skills too. At this point, Sparsh Bagga is considered to be one of the best trainers in the field of business leadership. He dreams of taking Indiato the number one business spot. And that’s why he started his own business coaching and entered the market. Sparsh Bagga pointed out that in India there is a lower number of good salesmen. Around 90% of them are running on survival mode and not interested to visit office or focusing on sales work. So, they tend to give up at an early stage.

The areas of interest that Sparsh Bagga excels in are listed below for your reference

Programme Highlights

Retail is one of those platforms where salesman doesn’t even know that he is playing the role of one. There are very few organizations, which are willing to train their salesmen to be better at their job. We are amazing in the retail segment, by providing 100% unique

Around 90% of corporate firms are now focusing on the market of telesales. In this segment, no one can beat the intelligence level of Sparsh Bagga. Selling something over the phone is an art, and it took Sparsh Bagga just 3 months at his job to excel in this field. He improved his telesales skills within a short span of time and then he took the part of a leader to help take his team to the top level!

There are so many companies, which are still focusing on the field selling category. Here, a meeting is set with the customers and then the salesperson will have a detail chat with him regarding the product, with the main aim to sell it. It is not that easy to follow the field sale skills because it is hard to hold the customers’ observation for a long time. Client’s observation skill is really good and he asks the sales person multiple tricky questions to get to the bottom of the product. So, in our training, we will talk about all those contents, which will make field sale an easy task for you.

It is one of those sales forms where the sales person is mostly negative. Even though all forms of sales are more or less the same, but direct sales is a bit different because it needs a different kind of planning. Moving on directly and selling item is not that easy of a task and need detailed planning beforehand. Here, you will learn about that in details.

Mr. Sparsh Bagga is the king of this segment. It is important to know what your customers want, so that you can provide it and they keep coming back to you for more. Another way to improve in this segment is by going the customer support job flawlessly. It helps your business to reach the highest pinnacle of success. So, if you want something better for your sales team and you want the team to grow and get motivated to do a better job; then contact us right now. Our training is going to be a completely life-changing one for your entire sales team.

Introduction to sales

Understanding the sales process, the role of a salesperson, and the importance of sales in business.

Sales psychology

Understanding the psychology of customers and how to communicate effectively with them.

Sales techniques

Learning different sales techniques, such as consultative selling, solution selling, and relationship selling

Sales prospecting

Strategies for finding and targeting potential customers, including lead generation, lead nurturing, and cold calling.

Sales pitching

Creating effective sales pitches that highlight the benefits of your products or services and address the needs of your customers

Objection handling

Techniques for handling objections and turning them into opportunities to close the sale.

Closing the sale

Strategies for closing the sale and converting prospects into customers

Sales management

Managing your sales team, tracking sales performance, and using data to make informed decisions.

Sales technology

Using technology to streamline your sales process and improve your sales performance, such as CRM software, email marketing tools, and social media.

Sales ethics

Understanding ethical issues in sales and how to maintain integrity in your sales practices.

Other Services

Leadership Training

Leadership is one such segment that every company is struggling with. Few years back, even our India team used to struggle because of lack of proper leadership. Leaders are those assets that help a company to reach the pinnacle of success. So, if the leader is weak, then the company’s future is also weak. If you think about the share market, even the investors would like to invest money in those firms, where the leadership quality is strong enough.

In today’s world, Sparsh Bagga is an extremely popular leader. He is one of those individuals, who helped a firm to grow from zero level. No one knows better than him how to help in the sales’ growth of a firm. His main plus point is that he works on those skills, which will help create good leaders. He believes that a company should always focus on proper leadership on a daily basis. If not, then that will stunt the growth of the firm.

What We Cover In Our Leadership Training?

How to make a Good Team
How to achieve Team Target
Leadership Mindset
Sales Growth Formula
Sales Strategies According to Product segment

So, if you want the best leaders for your company, you need to invest in best leadership programs. It is only these programs to help you take your firm to the next level!