The Internet is a completely different world. The Internet is the one that helped so many businesses to reach the highest pinnacle of success. If you think about it, within a span of 20 years, the Internet helped in creating some of the marketing giants around here. Some examples are Instagram, Facebook, Alibaba, Twitter, Indiamart, Amazon, Ola, Uber, Paytm, Phonepe, YouTube, Flipkart, Jiomart, Blinkit, Lenskart, Whatsapp and the list goes on. And if you talk about the biggest group in India, TATA, then you have to think about its main company Tata Consultancy Services. This organization works with internet-related products only. So, it is not hard to state that the internet now has a big impact on our daily lives. Even you are watching this website, thanks to the vast and wide-spreading wings of the world of the Internet!

About Mr. Sparsh Bagga (Internet Business Expert, Digital Marketer, Google Expert)

  • There is one thing you need to know about Mr. Sparsh Bagga. He is a strong visionary individual, who believes the internet to be the future of the business world. The businesses, which haven’t understood the magic of the Internet and haven’t applied it to their working means, will lag behind pretty much.

  • Mr. Sparsh Bagga started working in 2005 and in 2007 he got associated with the world of the internet and started serving customers through this medium. He has seen the starting point of the internet from scratch to the pinnacle of success these days. He has seen that with the help of the internet, businesses won’t just get big but will turn massive!

  • Mr. Sparsh Bagga is known to house some of the best and biggest marketing strategies out there. He lets business owners know what their business-centric strategies are going to be. He believes, no matter what kind of company you are running, it needs to have two pillars of success. One is Sales and the other is Marketing.

  • Mr. Bagga runs an independent YouTube channel, which is linked at In this channel, he talks about everything related to business, sales, the internet, and business motivations. Through these videos, he wants the Indian people to know how he wants to take India to the visionary position and take Indian businesses to the next scale toward success.

How can Mr. Sparsh Bagga help you with Internet Business Growth?

Mr. Bagga is the founder of Online Promotion House. This company helps businesses to offer online promotional services. So, if you want your business to get the much- needed online promotion, Mr. Bagga and his company can help you with the process.
Mr. Sparsh Bagga is also known as a leading business coach of the 21st century. If you want to take your business within the internet shackle and willing to use the best marketing strategy for that, then you need to contact Mr. Bagga for the same. He will personally provide you with a one-to-one growth plan and will discuss every step with you.
Mr. Sparsh Bagga always believes in India’s growing spree. So, if any business owner wants his digital marketing team to be on the right track, so, he can contact Mr. Bagga for the same. In this segment, he will let you know about the different business models to use and how to handle them. He will also let you know how to use these models in your favor and work with them.
You will find so many business coaches all over India. But, Mr. Sparsh Bagga is one of those few people who will help take your business to the highest ladder of success through the internet medium. He promises to help your business shine through. All he needs is your love and trust in his work!.